The whispering woke him early. Fish fins stirred up the waters inside Vhamso; it was impossible to sleep. He tried to read the newspaper over breakfast but the muttering distracted him. He knew already that this was not going to be a doldrum day. On doldrum days, his fish were quiet and floated lazily from head to arm, stomach to ankle. On doldrum days, Vhamso’s thoughts drifted as well, like leaves on a placid river, inconsequential and unhurried. Today was decidedly not a doldrum day.

Spurred by aqueous activity, Vhamso walked through Town, attending now to a conversation between a small crab and a miniscule starfish and now to another, between a ghost shrimp and a belligerent betta.

Read more at The Townsfolk Blog

Illustration by Bronwyn McIvor

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