Works written for or with others.


“The Town is a place with many different inhabitants.  Some are people you’ve known all your life.  Some stretch your comprehension to its limit.  They’re all curious to meet you and greet you and . . .”

The Townsfolk is a collaboration of drawing and writing.  Bronwyn McIvor’s drawings serve as a starting point for a web of writing by different authors.  Everything is connected, as characters weave in and out of each others tales, in varying styles and tones and forms of writing.  Characters who arise in written form may later be illustrated.”

The Townsfolk Blog
The Townsfolk Tumblr

Storied by Adena:

Professor Wellington Walrus
Lady Grae
Dama Chasse and Behrn
The Visitation – in collaboration with Hannah Baker

Of Our Parents

Of Our Parents is an interview project started by Mark McLean which records stories about those who raised us.

My Interviews:
Hannah Baker
Lise Johnston

Two Fisted Librarians

A pulp fiction zine anthology concerning libraries and librarians.

Meta Danger
Reports from the South Bay Post

365 Tomorrows

365 Tomorrows features daily science and speculative ‘flash fiction’ stories.

My Robot Boyfriend
Time Crossing

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